The Center

Our physical centers are located in Lisbon and Oporto (Portugal), but we provide training and workshops worldwide. The online setting allow us to provide personalized consultations to a global audience.

Online consultations

Our experienced stuttering practitioners provide online consultations via a specialized platform especially built to empower both therapist and patient. The online setting enables sessions in your house and/or office, while carefully tracking treatment progresses.


We are moved by a deep personal commitment in helping people who stutter (PWS) progressing towards full communicative potential.


Our multidisciplinary team applies the latest research techniques, perfectioned during more than one decade of international clinical experience. Our Advisory Council mirrors this immense human wealth.

Personal Contact

We learned to esteem peoples’ differences and take the best out of them; communication is omnipresent in our societies and we all practice it in a very personal way.

Advanced Methods

We believe in technology as an enabler of a human-centered therapy and we will make use of it whenever it is considered advantageous.