Our Team


Managing Director - MENA region

Co-founder of Stutter UAE, support and advocacy platform that encourages people who stutter to meet and interact. Winner of the Abu Dhabi’s award in 2018, the emirate’s highest civilian honour, for positively impacting lives and raising awareness on stuttering. Elected one of the “Game Changers”, women in the Arab world who are shaping the workforce of the future. Her role as social activist and entrepreneur was portrayed in the documentary “Just Another Accent” (2016), screened in Cannes and Malmo Film Festivals.

Clinical coordination

Gonçalo Leal
Clinical Director, Senior Speech Language Pathologist

Co-founder and CEO at Speechcare/ Stuttering Treatment Center; PHD candidate at Portuguese Catholic University in Cognitive and Language Sciences, applied to Stuttering Treatment; Volunteer Scholarship Appointment at University of California, Riverside, School of Medicine; Professor and Mentor in Diploma “Especialización en Disfluencias“, at Faculty of Medicine of Concepción’s University, Chile; Visiting Assistant Professor at Higher School of Health Egas Moniz (2010-2015), Co-autorship of book “Trastornos del Habla – De los Fundamentos a la Evaluación”, EOS Madrid, 2016.

Rita Carneiro
Head of Operations and HR, Senior Speech Language Pathologist

Co-founder and Operations and Human Resources coordinator at Speechcare/ Stuttering Therapy Center; License in Speech Therapy at School of Health Technology of Porto, Portugal; Certified Trainer as Specialist in Speech and Orofacial Motricity, in São Paulo, Brazil; Participation in scientific meetings as a Trainer and Speaker in the field of Speech Pathology; Professional experience in Geriatric Units, Fisiatrics clinics and private practice.

Stuttering Experts

Ana Andrade
Senior Speech and Language Pathologist

Stuttering Treatment Center's Regional Coordinator; Teacher in the technical-scientific area of Speech Therapy at the School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. PhD candidate in Early Childhood Stuttering in the Education and Behaviour Sciences Program (Vigo - Spain); Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching; Certified and accredited Trainer in the field of Health Education; Trainer in the area of professional voice; Specific training for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.

Cátia Catita
Senior Speech and Language Pathologist

Vast professional experience in the evaluation and intervention in the areas of stuttering, oral language and written language; Speaker and trainer in the areas of communication, oral language and stuttering; Currently enrolled in the European Specialization in Fluency Disorders (Stuttering and Cluttering) at Thomas Moore University (Belgium); Graduated in Speech-Language Therapy at the Higher School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute (Setúbal, Portugal)

Maria Pía Coscueta
Senior Speech and Language Pathologist

Experienced professional in the field of stuttering; Member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Stuttering Association; Lecturer at the Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Language on the topic of Fluency Disorders (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina), European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders (Stuttering and Cluttering) at Thomas More University (Belgium); Specialization course on Stuttering (Universidad de Concepción, Chile). Graduated in Speech-Language Therapy (UNC, Argentina)

Susana Belo
Senior Speech and Language Pathologist

Extensive professional experience with people who stutter - adults, adolescents and children; European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders (Stuttering and Cluttering) at Thomas More University (Belgium); Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Language Therapy by School of Health of IP Setúbal (Portugal & Brazil); Postgraduate Degree in Orofacial Myofunctional Sciences (EPAP – Portugal); Certified speaker and lecturer

Advisory Council

Barry Guitar

Professor Emeritus - University of Vermouth; Areas of Expertise and Research: Treatments for preschool children who stutter; Temperament and recovery from stuttering in children and adults; Author of several scientific publications, including one of the most respected manuals in the field:“Stuttering : An Integrated Approach to its Nature and Treatment”, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2013.

Gerald A. Maguire

Professor and Chair of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at UC Riverside School of Medicine; Chairman of the Board of the US Stuttering Association; Recognized by peers as one of the “Best Doctors in America” annually since 2009; Areas of Expertise and Research: His research on the pharmacologic treatment of stuttering has appeared in numerous scientific journals; Author of book “Without Hesitation: Speaking to the Silence and the Science of Stuttering”, National Stuttering Association, 2009.

Anelise Bohen

President of the Brazilian Stuttering Institute since 2011. Professor at Universidade Luterana – Brazil; +38y Speech and Language Therapists; PhD thesis on “Characteristics of the most common words used by stutterers in Brazil; International coordinator of the Specialization in Speech Disfluencies at Universidad de Concepción – Chile.

Technology, Communications and Advocacy

Ricardo Augusto
Head of Digital

CTO with more than 15 years of experience in developing, architecting and leading teams in Web/Mobile Based Projects, such as the most popular B2C Daily Food Ordering Platform in Portugal (that serves more than 40 thousand customers per day); Team leader in portals with more than 200 thousand users in the entertainment area (e.g., former, today Altice); Helped in the hyper-growth of HelloFresh one the biggest foodbox businesses in Germany (leading to a €1,7Bn IPO); Holds a License in Engineering - Electronics and Telecommunications at University of Aveiro (Portugal).

Bernardo Aguiar
Head of Business Development and Customer Engagement

Senior Public Affairs and Communications consultant with 10 years of experience in the representation of listed companies, public authorities, think tanks, start-ups and SMEs vis-à-vis the European Union and European-wide stakeholders, in Brussels; From 2015-2018 worked as the Brussels’ delegate of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Holds a License in Media Studies at Nova University of Lisbon (Portugal), a Master of Arts in EU International Relations and Diplomacy at College of Europe, Bruges (Belgium) and an Executive MBA at Vlerick Business School, Brussels (Belgium).